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Design, Send & Track emails with our easy to use email delivery platform. Best bulk email marketing software used by multiple clients Globally.Type a message.
Built for >> Agency, Enterprises, Ecommerce, Marketer, Startup, NGO & Public Sector.
The best of all, the Plans are totally customized, based on your business and needs. That's why more and more customers are signing up on MailGlint.
Add/Import Contact, Create List
Import a list of known contacts, upload through CSV or you can use leads to create contact list. You can also connect your MailGlint account to the tool where your customer data lives (such as your CRM, accounting, eCommerce tool etc) and automatically sync your customer information into MailGlint account.
Design Template
Create stunning email templates effortlessly in less than 60 seconds with MailGlint drag-n-drop editor. Whether you’re crafting events, holiday, newsletters, announcements emails or something else, all of our responsive email templates are fully tested and mobile-ready.
Create Campaign
Create unique campaign and engage your audience. Take advantage of automation and send out personalized email campaigns too. Improve your results by A/B testing your subject lines and improve email campaigns.
Advanced reports
You Can Track real time data of your email delivery, bounces, deferred, email clicks reports and unsubscribers report in all our email marketing plans.
Easy Integration
Integrate LeadGlint Referral with your existing web & mobile app and other leading platforms.
Completely Automated
Perform hassle-free tasks from creation of new campaigns, notifications, coupon code generations to tracking and report generation.
Intuitive Analytics
Detailed reports on campaign performance, user behaviour, the reward code of the referrer, leads generated and much more!
Advanced tracking features
Manage the sales done through each campaign with details of the revenue generated and rewards given to customers.
Ease of use
Highly convenient for you to create attractive campaigns and for customers to sign up and refer friends, boosting acquisition.
LeadGlint Eco-system
Expand the possibilities of landing more leads by integrating with other lead-generation tools of LeadGlint, making it a unique proposition.
Integrates Seamlessly and Works Best With
LeadGlint is equipped with powerful single click integrations which will export your lead data to the tool you are already using.
Combine the LeadGlint power with the services you’re already using for your Business.

We totally understand every campaign and client need is different and thus we work closely with your team to custom build the solution for making your campaign successful.
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