Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy is intended to provide a sense of security to each user/audience/client/partner/dealer/agent of the LeadGlint website/platform or wherever LeadGlint products are integrated. The use of our website constitutes acceptance of the Privacy Policy.
We may occasionally make changes to the Policy. If we do, we shall notify either by sending you an e-mail or sending you a notification through the LeadGlint App. Please make sure to read such notices carefully.

We sincerely believe that you should always know what data we collect from you, the purposes for which such data is used, and that you should have the ability to make informed decisions about what you want to share with us.

While we would strongly advise you to read the Policy in full, the following summary will give you a snapshot of the salient points covered herein:

  • This Policy details the critical aspects governing your personal data relationship with LeadGlint which is owned and operated by Impeccable Softwares Private Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of India, and having its registered office at 402, Fourth Floor, Kapil Residency, Greens Colony, Pashan-Sus Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411021;
  • Your personal data relationship with LeadGlint varies based on the capacity in which you interact with us/avail of our products and solutions (“Services”). You could be:
    1. a visitor to (“Website”) or any pages thereof (“Visitor/Audiance”);
    2. a person/entity/client/customer/partner/dealer/agent availing of one of our Services (“Customer/Clients”); or
    3. an employee/agent/representative/appointee/User/Audience of such website or an application where LeadGlint products or services has been used or integrated of a Customer who uses the said Service (“User/Audience”);
  • Based on whether you are a Visitor, Customer or User, the type of data we collect and the purpose for which we use it will differ and this Policy details such variations;
  • This Policy is a part of and should be read in conjunction with our Terms of Service; and
  • This Policy will clarify the rights available to you vis-a-vis the personal data you share with us.
The data administrator is LeadGlint based in Pune, India. Data protection is ensured in accordance with the requirements of generally applicable laws, and data are stored on secure servers.
The LeadGlint site uses cookies. They are 16 text files sent by a web server and stored by computer browser software. When the browser reconnects to the site, the site recognizes the type of device used by the user for connecting. Parameters allow to read the information contained in the cookies only to the server that created them. Therefore cookies make it easier to use the previously visited sites.
The information collected relate to the IP address, the type of browser used, language, operating system type, internet service provider, information about the time and date, location, and information sent to the site via a contact form or code behind.
Advantages of cookies
The collected data are used to monitor and determine how users use our websites, to improve functioning of the service in order to ensure more efficient and seamless navigation. Monitoring of information about users is also performed with use of the Google Analytics tool that registers user behaviour on a site. Cookies identify the user, allowing to adjust the content of the website to user’s needs. Remembering user preferences allows for proper fit of displayed advertisements. We use cookies to ensure the highest comfort standard of our site, and the collected data are used by LeadGlint only internally in order to optimize activities and to help/assist LeadGlint.
Security of data
The data are stored and processed in accordance with the Indian law. We respect the privacy of our users; therefore the stored data are confidential and not shared with third parties. Their security is a high priority for us, that is why it is collected on safe and protected servers. Cookies cannot access data on the user's disk, nor are able to establish user’s identity. Either they do not track user's activities after leaving our site.
Types of cookies used
On our site we use the following types of cookies:
a) "Essential" cookies which allow to use the services available on the website, such as authentication cookies used for services that require authentication through the website.
b) Cookies used to ensure safety, such as the ones used for detection of fraud in authentication through the website.
c) "Performance" cookies for collecting information about use of the website.
d) "Functional" cookies for "saving" user-selected settings and customizing the user interface, as regards for example language or region of origin of the user, font size, website appearance etc.
e) "Advertising" cookies that allow to provide users with advertising content more tailored to their interests.
Cookie management
Users can at any time disable or enable the option of cookies collection by modifying the settings in their browser. Additional personal information, such as e-mail address, are collected only in places where the user expressly consents thereto while completing a form. These data are stored and used by us only for purposes necessary to perform a particular function.
Final Provisions
This document is only valid on the LeadGlint website/platform. We are not responsible for the privacy policies on other websites/applications i.e. designed, developed, hosted by our users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents and/or such websites/applications where any of the LeadGlint products are integrated by our users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents, including the websites/applications referred to by links contained on LeadGlint. In case of using other websites, please read the privacy policy and cookie policy as determined by those websites. We reserve the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy by appropriate modification of the foregoing. Any changes will not, however, undermine the basic principles of the safety and security of user data.
Collection & Use of Information by LeadGlint
LeadGlint collects personal information when you or LeadGlint users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents use LeadGlint products or services, when you register with LeadGlint, and when you visit LeadGlint web pages or websites/applications where LeadGlint products are integrated or the web pages of LeadGlint partners. LeadGlint may combine the information that we have with information we obtain from business partners or other companies.

Other data suchs as but not limited to Your IP Address, Your location, How you behave on the Website, Date and Time, What pages you land on, how much time you spend, etc., Device, Model, Operating System, Cookies and Web Beacon data, Data from third parties who have your explicit consent to lawfully share that data, If you submit an inquiry through the Website or from a system or an application where LeadGlint is integrated, we will ask for your Name, phone, e-mail ID or any other data which our users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents would like to collect as a part of their need/business process. Credit Card/Debit Card/Other Payment Mode information to check your financial qualifications detect fraud and facilitate payments for our Services. SMSs that you send or receive on your Device from your existing and prospective customers (“Leads”) if you have opted for the same in the relevant section of the App, Phone call logs to record your call activities with Leads and its duration etc, E-mails that you send and receive for the purpose of reading them to sync with your Leads.

We use this information to analyse and identify your behaviour and enhance the interactions you have with the Website. We collect this data in order to help you register for and facilitate provision of our Services.

In case you want to exercise the rights set out above you can contact our Grievance Officer by sending an email to The data provided by you as a Visitor, or when you sign up as a Customer / Client / User / Audience or register for our Services will be processed by us for the purpose of rendering Services to you or in order to take steps prior to rendering such Services, at your request. Where such data is not being used by us to render Services to you, we shall explicitly seek your consent for using the same. You can choose to withdraw this consent at any time by writing an email to us. Additionally, we may process your data to serve legitimate interests. Accordingly, the grounds on which we can engage in processing are as follows:
• Consent;
• Performance of a Contract;
• Compliance with applicable laws; and
• Legitimate Interest
• If you are a user’s/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents using one of our Services to collect data about an EU data subject from third-parties, it shall be your sole obligation to inform such data subject about the source of such data; and
• We do not collect any Special Categories of Personal Data. Further, if you are a Customer/User/Clients/Partner/Dealer/Agent, you hereby agree and acknowledge that you shall not, under any circumstances, whether directly or indirectly, use our Services to collect or process Special Categories of Personal Data or transfer to us any such data.
• The term “Special Categories of Personal Data” shall have the meaning ascribed to it under the GDPR and shall include, without limitation, data pertaining to a data subject’s race, ethnic origin, genetics, political affiliations, biometrics, health or sexual orientation.
• You should not collect, use or push any illegal and offensive data in to the LeadGlint system as a lead and process the same, using any of our process; it shall be your sole obligation to inform such data subject about the source of such data, also LeadGlint will not be responsible for any such data collection and use of such data. LeadGlint Customer/User/Clients/Partner/Dealer/Agent will be responsible for the same and in such matters LeadGlint hold full rights to suspend and in some cases terminate your account.

Example: When someone registers with LeadGlint or a website/application where LeadGlint is integrated and/or sign in to our services, that particular person is not anonymous to us. In order for someone to use certain LeadGlint services users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents must complete a registration form. As part of this registration form, we require certain personal information, such as users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents name, city, state, zip code, and e-mail address. Also, whenever users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents interact with us, we automatically collect certain information whether or not users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents register with LeadGlint. For example, LeadGlint automatically receives and records information from users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents computer and browser, including your IP address, LeadGlint cookie information, software and hardware attributes, and the page you request. LeadGlint also collects information regarding service surveys, feedback forms, support forums and other text services users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents use or post. LeadGlint uses the information it collects to help diagnose problems with its servers, analyze trends, and to administer the website. LeadGlint also use the information to conduct research, customize advertising and content, improve our services, improve product and service offerings, provide anonymous reporting for internal and external users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents, and to contact users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents.
E-mail, Information & Data
LeadGlint will not provide email address, any information that we receive from users/clients/customers/partners/dealers/agents data to a third party without your express permission. If you register with LeadGlint, we may send out e-mails with LeadGlint-related news, products, offers, surveys or promotions. If you do not want to receive e-mail from us, follow the instructions provided in the unwanted e-mail message or visit the Email Preferences section of your User Account and change the settings. Please note that changing your Email Preferences will not prevent you from receiving system e-mails (e.g. those regarding forgotten user names or passwords) and legal notices (e.g. policy updates etc).
Children Under 18 Years of Age
Children under the age of 18 may not register to use the LeadGlint website. LeadGlint does not specifically collect information about children. We recommend that minors between the ages of 13 and 18 ask and receive their parents' permission before using LeadGlint or sending information about themselves or anyone else over the Internet.
Conditions of Use
Your visit to LeadGlint website and any dispute over privacy is subject to our Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy in parallel, including limitations on damages and application of Indian law, Pune jurisdiction.